Our commitment to "GREEN"

We've signed a contract with Repower to purchase electricity from 100% renewable sources, documented with a TUV certificate.


Gipitex has adhered to the Chemical Management for sustainability protocol to implement the MRSL ZDHC with a structured method; product liability along the Supply Chain becomes an integral part of the adopted strategies to obtain fabrics of high sustainability and quality standards. All raw materials and subsequent processing are entrusted to certified Italian suppliers.

We also obtained the GRS (GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD) certification for the sale of raw materials with recycled origin.

Our partners

Q-Nova and Q-Cycle by Fulgar

Quality, innovation, creativity and respect for the environment. This is how FULGAR technology manages to stay on the cutting edge in the manufacture of nylon and covered yarns. An accomplishment achieved by combining unique manufacturing systems and innovative materials. A new way to make fibres.


SEAQUAL® YARN contains approximately 10% Upcycled Marine Plastic and 90% post-consumer plastic from land sources. Upcycled Marine Plastic is made from marine litter retrieved from our oceans, beaches, rivers and estuaries.

Recycled yarns for sustainable textiles

As a result of economic growth and the impact of consumer society, the ecosystem is increasingly threatened.