Endless possibilities

Our fabrics emphasize how passion, creativity, quality and innovation blend harmoniously in proposing solutions to meet the customers demands, offering fabrics that last over time, enhancing the ‘craftsmanship’ of our work in full environmental respect.

Eco-Friendly fabrics

Our collections perfectly match the current “green” vocation of fashion. Environmental respect and focus on sustainability in the production processes mean producing fabrics in the perspective of a continuous material-cycle. We are able to present the market a wide range of fabrics made of renewable fibers, thanks to our partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers of eco-sustainable yarns and always ensuring quality standards and very high performances.

Jacquard fabrics

Luxury and exclusivity are reinterpreted in our jacquard fabrics. A weaving technique that provides countless patterns: geometric, abstract, three-dimensional, floral, camouflage… Our frames allow us to use a mix of natural and synthetic fibers enriched by technical and innovative finishes.

Great Classics in dyed thread

Timeless classics redesigned with a modern design. This category includes our historical thread dyed taffeta, light and elegant, well known for its high quality.

The use of synthetic fibers, such as nylon and polyester, is the core business of our company, positioning us as a leader in the production of waterproof outerwear fabric.